Come Walk With USA Today Bestselling Author 

                                           Pamela Tracy                    

as she writes the Three R's: Risk, Redemption, and Romance

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                     Brief Bio:   

                                                          NOW AVAILABLE                                          


                                               June 2015


 Barbour Anthology  (reissue)

  Are you ready for some good old-fashioned romance in a contemporary setting?  Then you’ll  enjoy these nine stories of modern women who are forced to slow down and take a new look at dating and romance when new men enter their lives.  For some it will take vacation time, others will discover through music, while some need the gentle nudges from both God and Grandma.   Delight in discovering how chivalry is not dead despite the stresses of today’s world.

                                                                         June 2015 


Harlequin Heartwarming

Yolanda Sanchez had never been a "follow your bliss" type of girl, always preferring to make practical choices. But since her mom's will stipulated that she had to fulfill a  dream with her inheritance, here she was, opening a used book store. With consummate dreamer Adam Snapp, an artist and childhood friend, as her handyman. So much for her comfort zone. 

But she needs help, and Adam needs the work. It's strictly business…until they discover a mysterious book about Scorpion Ridge history. One that reveals not just secrets of their families' pasts, but how deeply intertwined their futures really are.