The Three R's

Risk, Redemption, and Romance

can all be found in one of Pamela Tracy's books 

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August 2013

Katie's Rescue

Harlequin Heartwarming

Wild animals can't be tamed - a traumatic lesson Katie Vincent had learned firsthand as a child.  So when her estranged father passes away, Katie has no choice but to sell his zoo to an animal park in Scorpion Ridge, Arizona.  When the park's director, Luke Rittenhouse, reports that the panther she'd hand-raised is dying, he threatens to return all the animals unless she comes and nurses the panther back to health.  Katie has to try to save the big cat, even though she knows she's doomed to fail.  She hasn't worked with wild animals in more than a decade... and she has an immobilizing fear of them since the accident.  But Luke believes everything deserves a chance - even Katie.  And if she can let go of her fears, he might be the one who rescues her. 




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